Running From Giants

The Holocaust Through The Eyes Of A Child

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About the Book

A unique Holocaust memoir designed especially for younger readers, “Running from Giants” tells the true story of Srulik, who at the age of ten lost his home, all of his possessions, and his entire immediate family at the hands of the Nazis. Devastated and utterly alone, he was left to wander the forests. Following a brief reunion with his uncle, Srulik witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust when he found himself imprisoned in a Nazi ghetto, only to make a final desperate bid for freedom during a fiery revolt.

This short, illustrated volume enables readers to learn about the Holocaust without being overwhelmed by the weight of the topic. The narrative, written from a child’s perspective, allows young readers to relate to Srulik’s experiences, while the illustrations enrich the narrative by offering an imaginative interpretation.

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What People Are Saying…

  • “The style and the imagery of this work can provide a powerful tool for teaching this subject to future generations and will leave them with a set of images, information, and feelings not easily forgotten.”

    D. Craig Whittington MA in History, Adjunct Professor

  • “Powerful beyond belief. An inspiring story of a child’s extraordinary courage and ability to survive the horrors of the Holocaust in body, mind, and spirit.”

    Karina Schumann, Ph.D., Psychologist

  • “A tough and sad tale transmitted in a joyful manner… (Lets) the reader learn while not being overwhelmed too much or for too long by the weight of the topic.”

    Dr. Daniel Maoz, Vice-president of the Canadian Society for Jewish Studies

  • “An amazing story of child survival. It makes one marvel at the strength and resilience of the human spirit.”

    Nancy L. Segal, Ph.D., author of Born Together-Reared Apart: The Landmark Minnesota Twin Study

  • “[Running From Giants] is the perfect Holocaust book…”

    Batya Medad

  • “…creative and fresh…”

About the Author

As a professor and grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, Dr. Margareta Ackerman brings a unique voice to Holocaust education. Born in Belarus, Margareta moved to Israel during the collapse of the Soviet Union. When she was twelve years old, her family immigrated to Canada, where Margareta later received her doctorate in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. Throughout her stay at the University of Waterloo, Dr. Ackerman also researched applications of traditional Jewish study methodology to the modern classroom, resulting in peer-reviewed publications in Jewish Studies and education venues.

Her postdoctoral work took her to California, first working at the California Institute of Technology, followed by a year at the University of California, San Diego. In 2014, Dr. Ackerman accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at Florida State University, where she currently teachers and conducts her research. She has authored over two dozen peer-reviewed publications at international venues and has won numerous awards, including several highly competitive ones from the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

In addition to her research and teaching at Florida State University, Dr. Ackerman actively partakes in Holocaust education through the Holocaust Education Resource Council in Tallahassee, Florida. As a grandchild of a survivor, she feels that it is her duty to help make Holocaust education accessible to today’s growing generation.

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  • “I invited Dr. Margareta Ackerman to speak at a meeting of our local Freethinkers’ Forum for which I am a co-director. She gave a wonderful talk which was well attended and well received by our group. She was very organized and articulate. She blended facts of history and psychology with personal anecdotes in an informative and entertaining way. She spoke not only from the mind but also from the heart. The story of her grandfather’s experience during the Holocaust was riveting. We hope to have her back for another talk, and I definitely recommend her as a speaker to other groups.”

    Gary Whittenberger Ph.D.

  • “My students had the pleasure of hearing a presentation by Dr. Ackerman. After reading Running from Giants, the students got the chance to hear about her writing experience and ask questions directly to the author. I cannot express how much of an impact this had on them. Not only were they privileged enough to hear about the writing, but Dr. Ackerman came with a lesson prepared to connect the experience of the Holocaust with current-day bullying. If anyone has the opportunity for a presentation like this, I highly recommend it! This was the most powerful lesson presented to the students all year long.”

    Sarah Brown, Swift Creek Middle School

  • “It was my pleasure and honor to hear Margareta Ackerman’s outstanding presentation titled Faith and Hope After the Holocaust. Margareta’s presentation covered the unique perspectives of some survivors of the Nazi holocaust... Margareta’s presentation also covered how her grandfather, a holocaust survivor, had the resilience to survive and retain a positive outlook on life. I talked to many people after the presentation, the praise I heard was unanimous, that it was a powerful and moving presentation.”

    Jon Lutz

About the Artist

Growing up with both European and American influences, Vivien Mildenberger has become a uniquely cross-cultured and multilingual illustrator. After receiving a foundational diploma from the University of the Arts – London, Vivien is currently finishing a BA at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Winner of multiple awards, Vivien is most at home drawing in pen and ink. Vivien now divides her time between northern and southern California.

Even though her year abroad at London has passed, Vivien still has a special fondness for afternoon tea and biscuits.

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